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special events and activities

Throughout the year we host special events that provide opportunities 

to grow in faith, participate in the ministries of Onomia, 

promote summer youth camp, and to support us financially.
Keep in touch and join us on one of these day events!

Quilt Auction

Our annual QUILT AUCTION is back at camp this fall with oodles of quality quilts to choose from. PLUS the silent auction and bake sale returns as well, so there is something for everyone.

Can't get to camp on auction day? Quilts are posted on our QUILT page in August. You can make your best bid via email!

Let us make this the best one EVER!

Silent Auction and bake sale as well.

Register online for the Friday or Saturday night stay + 2 meals option: $40 /person

Saturday Sept. 21, 2024

Viewing at 11am
Lunch at noon
Live auctions at 1 pm

Overnight stay option available 

Camp Cleanup Day

8 buildings and 35 acres need lots of care and maintenance. Add on to that 6 months of dirt and grime and 10 billion leaves... well there is much to do!

Please load up the car with helpers and some cleaning supplies and join us Saturday for fun, work, and community. It is the satisfaction of work together.


General cleaning, grounds work and raking. Carpenters, electricians, and plumbers too!

Saturday May 4th, 2024

Lunch at noon
Say as long as you are able. Over
night stay option available! Just let us know.

Thanks for helping!
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