summer youth camps

Summer Youth Camp: it's the bomb!
Cabin groups led by trained college aged staff. Daily worship, Bible study, age appropriate activities, games and camp crafts create a wonderful time together in Christian community.
Camp is a significant experience that will last a lifetime. Join us this summer!

Camp will be following guidelines set by the state and CDC during the period camp is in session. Our hope is that things will be closer to the norm, but we will have plans in place to modify activities and housing as needed. Program numbers will be reduced. Pods (cabin groups) will function as a unit during most activity periods. Face masks and spacing will be the norm except during meals and sleep periods. Campers will be expected to record health and temperatures for 7 days prior to arrival. Temps and screening will be required upon arrival. Vaccinations where available for parents and campers will be required subject to availability. We want all of our campers and staff to have a safe and positive camp experience this summer regardless of the state of life come summer!

Our full COVID policies statement is available upon request.

In the event that COVID issues cause cancellation of a program by us or due to an unexpected exposure to your camper prior to arrival, be assured that your deposited funds will be returned or applied to a later program.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility. More than ever, the camp experience for kids this summer will be a significant step towards life as we knew it a year ago!

Pioneer, Explorer, Adventure Club Participants:

This year due to COVID, we are offering three sessions as recommended by agencies as potentially "safer" in terms of transmission. The week of July 11, we ask that ONLY campers from outstate or Greater Minnesota register. The week of July 25-30, ONLY campers from the Twin Cities Metro area register. Our last August week starting on Sunday the 8th is open to all.  So choose what works best for you and your comfort level.


We have a wonderful opportunity for kids who want to go to camp like their older siblings, but just aren't old enough to handle time away from mom and dad. This session is a simple overnight camp that the parent experiences along side their child. Lodging will be together in our retreat center! Staff lead activities!

Grades K-2 and adult(s)
Begins 10am Wednesday Ends 7pm Thursday

Fee: $65 per person

$75 after March 15th


Offered July 7-8. Fee is per person, youth and adult.


This is a wonderful Intergenerational Experience!  Children need mentors in faith - what better place than here at Onomia for Grandpa and Grandma to walk along side their grandkids!  Enjoy playing and sharing stories of faith together!  Stay in our comfy Retreat Center. Activities led by summer staff!

Grades K-4 and Adult(s)

Begins 10am Wednesday
Ends 1pm Friday

Fee: $150 per person

$170 after March 15th


Offered July 7-9. Fee is per person attending, youth and adult.


Pioneers have completed grades 1-3. The shorter camp experience enables them to enjoy time away from mom or dad while learning new games and meeting new friends in their cabin. Their cabin counselor becomes parent, friend, and activity leader. Daily Bible stories, fun worship, and sunset campfire!

Grades 1-3
Begins 3pm Sunday

Ends 7pm Tuesday

Fee: $260 per person

$290 after March 15th


Offered July 11-13 (Greater MN campers), July 25-27 (Metro campers), or Aug 8-10 (open enrollment)


Fish Camp is back! Our guides have been our researching the best fishin spots on Lake Shakopee. In addition to the usual fun camp stuff, participants in Fish Camp spend extra time during the day learning fishing skills. Board the pontoon before breakfast in search of that huge sunny or lunker northern. Bring your own rod and gear if you can.

Grades 5-7

Begins 3pm Monday
Ends 1pm Friday

Fee: $460 per person

$520 after March 15th


Offered July 5-9. Bring your buddy and fishin pole!


A whole week of camp fun is just waiting for upper elementary children to explore at Camp Onomia. You will experience all of the great activities that make camp the awesome experience that it is... creative and inspirational camp style worships, daily Bible studies,and other fun stuff like swimming, games, crafts, and visits to Kathio!

Grades 3-6

Begins 3pm Sunday
Ends 1pm Friday

Fee: $460 per person

$520 after March 15th


Offered July 11-16 (Greater MN campers), July 25-30 (Metro campers), or Aug 8-13 (open enrollment)


Join the CLUB for outside the box fun!  Adventure Club will teach you canoe and outdoor living skills, how to handle paddle boards and more! We will head out on an overnight canoe trip from Mille Lacs Lake through Kathio State Park this week,  along the way we will camp out, cook some grub over a campfire, and hike Kathio! Step out of the ordinary!

Grades 6-8

Begins 3pm Sunday
Ends 1pm  Friday

Fee: $490 per person

$540 after March 15th


Offered July 11-16 (Greater MN campers), July 25-30 (Metro campers), or Aug 8-13 (open enrollment)


We have something special for you to experience at Onomia this summer that will not only get you excited about your faith, but challenge you to step up and make it your own! Camp is all about building relationships and a week of camp fun is the ticket! Great discussions, river canoeing, tons of games make this an awesome experience!

Grades 6-9

Begins 3pm Sunday
Ends 1pm Friday

Fee: $460 per person

$520 after March 15th


Offered June 13-18. Registration open to church groups only.


In this awesome program, campers stay up late into the night and sleep late into the morning.  God's creation is a whole different adventure during the dark hours. There will be stargazing and night time games.  You will also experience late night worship by candle light in the chapel.  Campers will find this week a great break from "normal " camp.

Grades 6-8

Begins 3pm Sunday
Ends 1pm Friday

Fee: $460 per person

$520 after March 15th


Offered July 18-23. Extend your experience and sign up for ServantSONG as well!


ServantSONG is a weekend just for Night Hawk and Night Owl Participants. We combine service opportunities with camper led "campy"worships in local congregations. We will have some fun at camp, help out a neighbor, and share a campfire with one of our churches! Sing, play, and get a little dirty for God this weekend!

Grades 6-11

Begins 1pm Friday
Ends 11am Sunday

Fee: $150 per person

$175 after March 15th


Offered July 23-25. Campers must also attend Night Owls or Night Hawks to participate.


LOVE the late nights and later mornings? As a Night Hawk, you will stay up even later, join in some of the activities that the Night Owls indulge in like late night games and evening shenanigans. But you will also develop leadership skills, lead a late night campfire, and a morning First Word at the Stone Cross.  We will Rock You...

Grades 9-11

Begins 3pm Sunday
Ends 1pm Friday

Fee: $460 per person

$520 after March 15th


Offered July 18-23. Check out ServantSONG to extend your camp week!


This is our traditional SIT program with a few new twists! Dig deeper into your faith... share opportunities to lead and to walk alongside our summer counselors... learn more about yourself, your God, and your vocational goals. It is all here this week. Training week as scheduled, return for a second week to assist program. Awesome.

Grades 10-12

Begins Sunday 3pm

Ends Friday 1pm

Fee: $360 per person

$560 after March 15th


Offered June 27- July 2. Return to volunteer for a second week.
Pastor/YD referral is required. 



It is a weekend at Onomia just for High School students this summer! Engage old and new friendships, "do camp", chat late night... we want to welcome you back to a place that is home for many. Our staff will explore faith with you, do campfire at the stone cross at sunset, sing those memorable camp songs. We are looking forward to have you back TOGETHER at camp again!

Grades 9-12

Begins Friday 7pm

Ends Sunday 11am

Fee: $150 per person

$175 after March 15th


Offered July 16-18. Invite a friend!



The NE MN SYNOD youth crew invites church groups to attend this event designed to gather, enlighten, and refresh your spirit! Synod staff will be offering an excellent curriculum around "Deeply Rooted in a God Beyond Measure." Camp staff will lead campfires, small group conversations, and your typically fun camp activities.  Group housing by church, which provides adult supervision as well!

Grades 8-12

Begins Sunday 3pm

Ends Tuesday 1pm

Fee: $100 per person

Group Registration Only


Offered June 27-29. Extended experience available! Call us.